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‘Global Warming’ not ‘Climate Change’?

Global Warming Appears Likely As countless papers have demonstrated, the increased opacity from increased carbon dioxide tends to impose a surplus of radiative energy which, if not reversed by strong negative feedback, would tend to accumulate, raising temperatures until radiative … Continue reading

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Upper Air Update Through 2015

With 2015 in the books, I updated a couple of plots I monitor of MSU data and RAOB ( RATPAC ) data. There’s been some discussion about the Hot Spot missing because of the cooling trend in the Eastern Pacific, … Continue reading

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RATPAC and UAH, Together Again

A frustrating aspect of observing climate change is the lack of uniformity within the major global data sets. Variations of instrumentation, infrastructure, methods of observation, automation, time of observation, standards,  effects of human habitation and numerous other discrepancies pollute data … Continue reading

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