Upper Air Update Through 2015

With 2015 in the books, I updated a couple of plots I monitor of MSU data and RAOB ( RATPAC ) data. There’s been some discussion about the Hot Spot missing because of the cooling trend in the Eastern Pacific, which is evident in the GISSTEMP data:amaps

Using the RATPAC-B individual station data, I thought I’d look for the Hot Spot East of 60W, which excludes all the cooling areas of the Pacific. I added this to the horse blanket of other data sets ( the plot on the top right ):


Luke warm spot? It is certainly not of the same size or extent as modeled, but there is a slight area of increased lapse rate indicated from 30S to 30N for the region of the atmosphere Eastward of 60N.

Related to this, I also updated some comparisons of UAH, RSS, and RATPAC:




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